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Somerset County Sheriffs Office

Correctional Emergency Response Team



In every Correctional Facility or on the street there is the potential for major disturbances. Although most situations can be handled by Officers and Supervisors, many cannot. When it is apparent that there may be a confrontation or condition developing that requires assistance, The E.R.T. unit may be called.

This Unit consists of 6 members which includes the Team Leader who "Leads" the Team, and an Equipment/Video member (E.Q.V.) who captures the entire response on videotape. For the most part the E.R.T. unit would be utilized for :

  • Forced cell moves
  • High risk prisoner escorts
  • High risk transportation
  • High risk court protection
  • Disturbances


Team members should be in excellent physical condition and health. In addition, selected officers should be "team" oriented, have a positive mental attitude and have a reputation of being objective, tolerant, and non-abusive towards people. Team members are highly trained and fully understand proper and judicious use of force parameters, have excellent report writing and testimony skills. It is an honor and privilege to be selected to be on a E.R.T. unit.

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