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The objective of our criminal investigations unit is to investigate crimes and disorderly persons offenses that may occur within the organization's jurisdiction. Our unit also conducts background investigations. Investigators collect information about an individual from a variety of sources and report factual information. Our Administration compiles the reports from our investigators and assesses the information to determine if a prospective employee should be hired or if a contractor or volunteer should be allowed certain access to our county facility. Success or failure is related closely to the investigators ability to conduct a thorough and complete investigation.


Warrant Investigations

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit handles a number of different types of arrest warrants to be executed by our officers.  These may include Domestic Relations (child support) Domestic Violence, Violation of Probation, Juvenile, Superior Courts, District Courts, Fugitive Warrants, State Parole Warrants and Military Desertion Warrants. 



Evidence collected at crime scenes provides the true testimonial and critical link to prove a defendant’s guilt or innocence. It also enables a court of law to recreate the events prior to, during and following the commission of the act. Consequently, Sheriff’s Office Investigators are charged with the responsibility to collect, preserve, and account for evidence.

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