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Project Lifesaver  has completed over 1,000  Successful Search & Rescue Missions  for Wandering Victims Of Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, Down syndrome and related dementia type Disorders.  All persons were found using Project Lifesaver at a 100% recovery rate. All persons were found alive and returned home. Project Lifesaver uses electronic tracking systems to locate the patient during a wandering incident. Project Lifesaver is not a passive bracelet with a toll free number. Such bracelets do not locate the patient, they provide information about the patient once they are located and someone calls the number. Many times, wandering incidents end tragically because the individual is not found quickly enough. Project Lifesaver has been successful because it actually locates the person quickly , before it is too late. The difference between a passive ID bracelet and an active tracking device is paramount to locating the person fast enough to save a life.

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